5 Great STEM Education Reads This Week: The Math Edition!

Each week, Education Insider aims to curate the best and most thought-provoking Internet STEM ”reads” so that you’re in the loop when it comes to one of the most hotly debated fields in education.

Days after the epic NSTA conference (#NSTA14, @NSTA) in Boston, IT’S ABOUT TIME® charged “full STEM ahead” into New Orleans for the math-centric NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition (@NCTM, #NCTMNOLA), where NCTM — National Council of Teachers of Mathematics — assembled a wide variety of sessions (more than 700!) on topics ranging from technology in the classroom to social justice and education for all to that headline-making, oft-criticized lightning rod: the Common Core.

While we hit the exhibit floor (Booth #1626) to share our newly updated math programs, Meaningful Math™: Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 and Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP)® (which garnered much attention and interest from attendees), we decided to round up the buzziest math-related must-reads.


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