STEM Bites Back: Changing Science Education One Zombie at a Time with Dr. Steven Schlozman

They call him Dr. Z. And while his impressive credentials as an educator and psychiatrist is enough to draw an enthusiastic crowd to his lectures, it’s his life-long fascination with zombies and how he has transformed his horror-movie obsession into a powerful, STEM-teaching machine, that filled the auditorium at NSTA 2014 with over one thousand curious science teachers eager to hear him speak. We were among his eager listeners that day. He did not disappoint!

Steven Schlozman, M.D. (an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, author (The Zombie Autopsies), STEM spokesman for Texas Instruments (@ticalculators) and, yes, a preeminent Zombie Consultant on Hollywood films), will be the first to tell you that his passion for science and zombies reach far back into his childhood — something he hopes to impart to future generations through his work and teachings. Dr. Schlozman (@zombieautopsies) is well-known for igniting imaginations with horror-movie narratives, wh


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