Behind-the-Scenes with our Production Crew: Tennessee Tech

To address this growing need for STEM-ready students, IT’S ABOUT TIME® created a pedagogical model for science educators to engage with their students called Physics and Everyday Thinking (PET) that uses creative thinking, fun activities and Project-Based Learning. In talking to teachers and students across the country who use PET, we’re seeing and hearing that kids are not only having fun with physics, but that, through PET, their minds are opening to a whole new world of possibilities. We can’t all be Bill Nye (@The Science Guy) or Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson), but the PET program is a start!

The curricula has been incorporated into courses like Physics 1310 Concepts at Tennessee Technological University (TTU, @tennesseetech), where the students actively engage in science. Our awesome, talented production crew (Director, Eddie Harris, Producer, Kaitlin Tyler, and Photographer, Mae Lander) packed up their equipment and headed to, Cookeville, Tennessee (from New York) to check


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